Thursday, October 5, 2006

Foley's "Hot Stud" Revealed

According to the Drudge Report , the identity of ABC's infamous "17-year-old" who was Foley's IM "hot stud" was revealed on the blog of Passionate America (Wild Bill). According to Wild Bill, the now 21 y.o. is former Class 2002 Congressional page Jordan Edmund, a poli-sci major at Berkeley and now Deputy Campaign Manager for (Republican U.S. Rep.) Ernest Istook in Oaklahoma City. According to Drudge, Edmund was 18 y.o. when the lurid IM was made. However, ABC has said that there were other IM's exchanged between Foley and Edmund when the latter was only 17 y.o.

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jakeho said...

Great scoop, Bill! You've definitely raised your profile. I look forward to checking out your updates.