Friday, October 6, 2006

More AOL Weird

Yesterday morning around 10:26 a.m., I believe, I received a post (actually two but the same one posted twice). It purported to be from Bill Kerr of Oklahoma City, OK, and included his physical address and his phone no. As best as I can recall, it said, "Keep checking back for updates. Drudge was half right and I was was wrong. Oops!" After Googling to see who Bill Kerr was; whether his address and phone number were as he claimed; and whether he was the Wild Bill of Passionate America, I discovered that the post(s) appeared legitimate. Then I responded this morning at  1:09 a.m. as follows: Great scoop, Bill! You've definitely raised your profile. I look forward to checking out your updates. Comment from jakeho - 10/6/06 1:09 AM This afternoon when I checked my blog the post(s) was deleted. However, my response was still there. What is AOL up to? My loyalty to this shrinking erstwhile giant is diminishing with its lack of service to Mac users and its blog incompetence or worse. I just checked Kerr's address and phone no. again: it matched what I found early this morning in the post(s). It is as folllows: Bill Kerr; 1133 Live Oak Dr.; Oklahoma City, OK 73110-1307 (405) 737-3881. AOL doesn't seem to be worth a tinker's dam since Steve Case left. Maybe, Steve Jobs will give the Mac community an Internet service that is responsive to its needs and desires.

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constancehogue said...

  Sam said that you can delete your entry.  I think Bill whoever decided he wanted his entry off your blog, so he deleted it.  I really don't think AOL had anything to do with it!  Lovingly,  Your Mom