Thursday, October 19, 2006

Katrina Flash Queen Killed & Kooked by Jilted Jumper (in Voodo Flat)

Adriane "Addie" Hall, a 30-year-old New Orleans Katrina survivor who found fame as the bohemian babe who kept cops patrolling her neighborhood by flashing her breasts at them, was strangled Oct. 5 (two weeks ago today) by her estranged live-in boyfriend Zachary Bowen, a 28 year-old veteran who had found refuge and a lover when he sought shelter under Hall's roof from the hurricane and its aftermath. Her body was found in the apartment they shared above a Rampart St. voodoo shop with her head charred beyond recognition in a pot on the stove, her limbs similarly cooked in the oven, and the rest of her dismembered body in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Police were notified of the murder, subsequent desecration of the body, and other pertinent facts by a suicide note found on Bowen's body Tuesday (October 17) as it lay at the foot of the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel after he had jumped to his death the night before. This tragedy is one of the most gruesome murders in recent memory in the Big Easy: the following links provide these details and more about this gory and sordid story.

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jharkansas said...

I can hear the Law and Order scriptwriters typing away a new plotline to incorporate this horrible deed into a show next season.  I'm curious to hear what the rest of the note said (it was supposedly 4 pages long).

jakeho said...

I, too, would like to see the full content of the suicide note. I would be shocked if this story is not made into a major movie by a Hollywood studio: it has murder, suicide, sex, Katrina, voodoo, etc. If race can be added into the brew, e.g., Bowen's other
lover(s), then a blockbuster should be in the offing.

constancehogue said...

Thank you James for your good coverage of news that is also so very sad.  The wages of sin is death!  Your Mom