Monday, October 23, 2006

Paris New Brit

Paris Hilton, ubiquitous hottie, has now supplanted Tabasco tart, Britney Spears, as America's fave sex symbol. Paris, known best for her top selling private tape, One Night in Paris, her series Simple Life, and her errant heiress status, is now making her mark on the MTV music scene. Last week her latest chart climber, Nothing in this World, from her successful Paris CD made one forget Stacy's Mom as it reached number five on MTV's Top 18. Poor Brit is dreaming of reinvigorating her moribund music career as she nurtures KevFed's two latest and complains on about looking ugly while she downs fried chicken and burps miasma. The Louisiana lolita reminds one of an eponymous film by Stanley Kubrick except that she has two of a real ne'er-do-well's progeny and may be hoping that a Humbert takes her to a better life.

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