Monday, October 9, 2006

Amish Love Amazes English

One week after the incredible tragedy of Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, where a troubled milkman slaughtered five Amish primary and middle school girls, shot five others, and then committed suicide, church bells rang in memory of the victims today at 10:45 a.m. EST. The love of this Christian Amish community who reached out to the shooter's wife and their three young children assuring them of their forgiveness has touched the hearts of us, the English (non-Amish), in a profound manner. E.g., as funds were created for the victims' families, the Amish community asked that one be established for the killer's family, too. Incredible love!



constancehogue said...

Thanks, James, for that great tribute to the Amish people.   That was truly amazing and set a good example to all of us.   Keep up the good work!   Mother

piperfromtn said...

Here, Here!

grgb4 said...

Yes, the forgiveness shown was very touching, especially to the shooter's family as they had nothing to do with his behavior.  

But are all non-Amish people to be considered "English"?  Muy fascinades!  

jakeho said...

I believe that their forgiveness extended even to the killer himself: wow! Geo., you are probably being a bit facetious but English is their moniker for all of us non-Amish. Wouldn't Napolean be pleased?