Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Foley Foe 2 Out More Republicans

On Bill O'Reilly last night, Mike Rogers, gay activist and president of proudofwhoweare.com, threatened to out other "closeted" Republican members of Congress in the coming week or two. Obviously, Rogers is hoping to diminish the turnout of social conservatives as he questioned Republicans' ability to protect the moral values that James Dobson and Tony Perkins expect them to protect. Ironically, if Rogers is successful, the moral values of social conservatives will be even more at risk.

During the Foley hoopla, I believe worldnetdaily.com had an article indicating that CREW, alleged to be bankrolled by George Soros, would disclose that a Republican U.S. Senator is homosexual. If such a bombshell occurs (or even if more do), the voters will have to ask themselves whether their abandonment of the outed Senator (and/or other members of Congress) will accomplish their goals short term and long term.

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