Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Newsweek: Cold, Warm, Warmer . . .

Newsweek admits that its Global Cooling scare was scientifically challenged. Now it claims with more facts, faster computers, and "infinitely more sophisticated mathematical methods" the truth can now be ascertained: the globe is warming! Don't "pour soot over the Arctic ice cap to help it melt" (as it once suggested). And now that we have taken more of the dust out of the air from the coal-burning factories and aerosols (suspended liquid) as prescient scientists demanded, the heat will no longer be reflected back into space. Thanks for keeping us warm, our ecological friends! Keep listening to Newsweek: sooner or later, we'll get it!

Cf. http://msnbc.msn.com/id/15391426/site/newsweek/page/2.


piperfromtn said...

Yup.  She's a warming, all right.  1 degree per 100 years.
I don't reckon we have anything to do with it though.
There is a danish researcher who has measured the ice in Greenland and says it is thickening!
CO2, btw, makes your plants grow.  So, pull that SUV up to your favorite tree and give it some refreshment.  It'll grow like mad...
check out

piperfromtn said...

also check this site out

jakeho said...

Thanks for the sites, J. I'll have to  mention the first one, esp., to Dad. Maybe, it'll get him more inclined to do the Net. It does seem amazing that eco-friendly people would be both green and anti carbon dioxide.