Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shays: Teddy Still All Wet

Rep. Shayes (R-Conn.) fought back against his Democratic foe Diane Farrell and Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) who joined forces against him. As Farrell called for Speaker Hastert to resign because of his handling of the Foley affair and for Shays to return any money raised by Hastert while she basked in the glow of Camelot's baby brother, Shays struck back. He reminded voters that Farrell's fast friend has left Mary Jo Kopechne to die in his car after it had careened off a bridge in the Chappaquiddick catastrophe and did not have a press conference the very next day. Shays added, "Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody." The gloves are off!

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piperfromtn said...

Bravo, Mr. Shays!  Go for the jugular, which in this case, is quite sizable.  I wonder how boyant Teddy is now that he's so, how shall we say, rotund(a).

jakeho said...

If Republicans are to win, they definitely need to aggressively defend themselves. After Clinton started the war room, Democrats should not be surprised if the GOP responds in kind.