Monday, October 30, 2006

Pagan Prisoners Get Halloween Off in UK

The UK Prison Services regulations require that paganists (including Satanists and devil worshipers) get October 31 (Halloween) or Summer's End (i.e., Sarnhain, its Celtic name) off to be free to celebrate one of their religious days. The 282 English and Welsh prisoners will be allowed to use artifacts such as rune stones, flexible twigs, and unhooded robes in their cells or in their communal rites. (Hooded robes are forbidden for security reasons.) Pagans are afforded two religious "holidays" whereas Christian and Buddhists get three, Jews receive seven, Hindus obtain ten, and Muslims require 26. Some attacked the Prison Service directive as political correctness gone amok while a Home Office spokesperson defended the decision as evidence of its commitment to "treating all prisoners with decency and humanity, which includes respecting those of all religions."



piperfromtn said...

Oh, how British and quaint.
/toggle sarc off.

jakeho said...

Jon, I believe that the US military provides accomodation to witches and wizards to a certain extent. Notice how pagans, Buddhists, and Christians get the short end of the politically correct stick in the UK.

constancehogue said...

A sad state of affairs!   I guess we shouldn't be surprised at the unfairness of the situation.  Thanks, James, for your good posting of what is going on in this world!  Love,  Mother