Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Estrich v. Coulter: Jewish Lib v. Xian Conservative

Susan Estrich, liberal Fox News pundit and former Dukakis campaign chief, has penned Soulless, her response to conservative FNC commentator and controversial best seller Ann Coulter's book Godless. Not only does Susan like Ann sport  a sleeveless v-neck black dress on her book's cover but also long, blond tresses draped over her right shoulder: however, Estrich wears a Star of David pendant vis-a-vis Coulter's cross. What to make of this "progressive's" parody? Read 'em both, and you decide.

Cf. F&F (10/11/06 which featured Estrich wearing the same getup as on her cover) and


piperfromtn said...

Dukakis.  Boy, that was a successful Presidential campaign.  Who can forget the 'tank helmut' picture?  So, Susan has written a book.  I imagine that Ann would eat her alive, verbally, even though Susan might outclass her in bare-knuckle fight.

jakeho said...

When I looked at the covers, Estrich looked liked Coulter's Dorian Gray. Scary!