Friday, October 20, 2006

Putin Envies "Rapist" Israeli Prez

In Moscow Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin joked with Israeli PM Ehud Ohmert in a brief appearance in front of the Russian and Hebrew press about Israeli Prez Moshe Katsav's sex scandals. According to the Jerusalem Post, Agence France-Presse, and Kommersant, Putin told Olmert, "Say hello to your president: He really surprised us." According to the JP and AF-P, Putin added, "We did not know he could deal with 10 women." Kommersant's version cited the comments in Russian and gave a coarser account. According to Andrei Kolesnikov, Kommersant's reporter in the official Kremlin press pool, President Putin said, "He [Israeli PM Katsav] turned out to be a powerful man: He raped 10 women."  Putin added, "I never expected it from him. He surprised us. We all envy him." The crude remarks engendered laughter from the assembled Russian and Israeli media. Perhaps, remembering his less male chauvinistic constituency, Olmert replied, "I wouldn't be jealous of him." Who would be on David Letterman's Putin Top Ten list of most admired world leaders?



piperfromtn said...

I would trust Putin about as far as I could throw him.   He's showing his 'hand' to the world by what he is saying.  I think it shows a heart that is more than capable of exterminating its' enemies.  At least the ones who get in his way: A Makarov round in a reporter, banker, etc.  No big deal to him, Stalin or the like.

jakeho said...

I find his "joke" quite troubling, especially, as our beautiful Condi meets with him today. "Rape" and "envy" should never be in the same sentiment. I can't believe that this story has had such little coverage. Bring back bibulous Yeltsin!