Friday, September 29, 2006

FNC's Sub Rosa Ciaos

Fox News' motto is "We Report. You Decide." Too bad they don't report to their loyal viewers personnel changes. First, Linda Vester was promoted with "that face, that face" for her midday program as if she were something to be vaunted: happily, her voguing visage is no longer visible with no reasons provided by FNC. Then the larger but brilliant Rita Cosby simply disappeared from her FNC program to reappear on MSNBC with no explanation.  Lately, Julian Phillips, the Bryant Gumbel of Fox News, who co-hosted Fox & Friends Weekend with the ever lovely Kiran Chetry and the spicy Alyson Camarotta, was sacked in favor of minister and chanteur extraordinaire Kelly Wright: not even a courteous comment was proffered. Since Fox News has purged its morning weekend show of the ostentatious, obnoxious display of personal aggrandizement of a spoilt elitist, all is forgiven. However, if they get rid of Kiran Chetry, I will be a less loyal viewer.


piperfromtn said...

Bryant Gumbel of Fox News?  Man, James, you really didn't like him, did you?  I usually don't have time to watch the weekend shows nor the morning shows nor the evening shows-okay, I don't have time to watch TV anymore.  But, when I saw the occasional morning with Julian on there, at least he smiled once in a while and was a conservative; a far cry from Bryant Gumbel, who is a dour, sour joyless coward of a liberal.
I do like Kelly Wright, though.  Maybe Julian is imbedding with some guys in the Sunni Triangle.  I'd bet they've eighteen holes for him; in the door of the HUMVEE.

jakeho said...

I liked him initially, Jon, but as I watched him my view changed. He always seemed to make a show of his faith. In fact, he seemed to make a show of all things Julian. However, he is a only a shadow of Bryant: too bad he didn't emulate the other Gumbel, Greg.

deadleavespoetry said...

Unfortunate but true -- media is hardly objective. Just a casual shift in a camera angle can totally change the effect on the viewer. And I'm disloyal to any TV news-source, for more reasons than just that.


jakeho said...

Great to hear from you, NM, in the blogosphere. (Of course, it's always good to hear from you regardless of the medium.) As to being loyal, I am as to my viewing habits not my intellectual acquiesence.