Monday, September 18, 2006

Willie's New Orleans Lady: Mary Jane

This morning Willie Nelson and four others were given citations for marijuana and illicit mushroom possession according to the Louisiana State Police. Willie (et al) received them when his tour bus underwent a commercial vehicle inspection. Apparently, the trooper on the scene smelled the strong scent of marijuana when he opened the bus' door and, subsequently, ordered a search of the singer's vehicle. Police report that 1.5 lbs. of marijuana and 0.2 lbs. of unlawful mushrooms were found. Too bad for Willie that Jimmy is not still Prez.



piperfromtn said...

I wonder if he can't wait to get on the road again?

I, personally, like Shittake mushrooms; only on steak though.

jharkansas said...

When something like this happens, I shed a tear and make a generous donation to the Louisiana State Troopers Association.

jakeho said...

If Willie had stuck with "Whiskey River" or a "Bloody Mary Morning," he would not have had this regrettable incident occur. "Crazy"!