Monday, September 4, 2006

VIP's Rush to Katie

CBS is bringing out the country's political top guns to usher Katie into her new seat at the helm of CBS Evening News. Slated to appear on Couric's inaugural telecasts this week are uber leftist Uncle Walter (as previously noted); politically correct Bill Maher; controversial, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh; progressive, no-nonsense America's mayor Rudy Giuliani; philandering impeachee and popular potential First Man Bill Clinton; and the terrorist–fighting, malaprop POTUS. CBS should get a ratings spike for such a luminous array of stars: however, will they continue to return for quotidian quaffs of Couric?



asixpilot said...

What no Hillary?  I feel gyped!  (not really)  

All make sense except for Bill Maher.  Even if I could look past his leftist views (I can't) his intelligence is suspect at best.  A funny man (in is own mind) but not a smart cookie.

Hey, why wasn't Disgraced Dan Rather invited?

As far as returning for more Couric, I haven't watched CBS news since my POW training camp.  It was used as a torture device (pretty effective) and I have no desire to relive that training.

piperfromtn said...

Hmm...chubby liberal gal and Clinton on the same show...
Makes one think, doesn't it.  I'm sure she's above all that.

As to Rush being on there, I hope the Doctor of Democracy tactfully places the equivalent of a verbal J-Dam on her.  But he probably won't.  

Bill Maher is a blithering idiot, as we all know.

A Rudy is, well, when we would pass effluvium in the bathtub.  I like him but he's not a national candidate.

POTUS is good.  Misunderstood but good.

jakeho said...

A6, I, too, found it interesting that Blather was not invited to participate in the big opening. Wonder why? :-) As to Maher, wouldn't George Orwell love the name of his whilom show? Further, I think that I'll tune in today for Katie's premier: maybe, she'll have a modicum more believability than Rather when he futilely ranted on about his rot in re Bush's stint in the Guard.

jakeho said...

J, remember that Rush also did promos for the NYT: nothing wrong with a bit of unbridled capitalism, I guess. As to Rudy, he and McCain are both national candidates whether conservatives like it or not: if either can capture the GOP nomination, the presidency is well within reach. (With Rudy, the right embraces his anti-crime, terrorist-fighting agenda while the left love his pro-abortion, gay, gun control agenda.)  The prez is great at fighting terrorism but he needs Clinton's rapport with the masses: Americans may pick patricians as presidents but they don't like being treated as plebians.

asixpilot said...

"Bill Maher is a blithering idiot, as we all know."  You are so right.  I heard him interviewed once and the discussion turned to Christians and homosexuality.  Maher defended the alternative lifestyle and attempted to dismiss Christians saying, "Jesus never said homosexuality was wrong." Well, Jesus never said pedophilia was wrong, so under Maher logic, (aka BBBLOR Bill's Baseless, Brainless, Line of Reasoning) am I to deduce it's ok?  

The real sad part of this illustration, there is a large portion of America that will not (can not?) think for themselves and will take his word on issues.  Add to that Katie (do we call her Kate now ala Mrs Cruise to take her more seriously?) Couric has invited him to her inuagral show elevating his mindless brand of commentary.  It is after all CBS, what should I expect?

jakeho said...

Sorry, guys, if you all watched Katie tonight and were disappointed with the absence of the guests I enumerated. Apparently, they will be spread out in the coming week(s) rather than all appearing in the very first show. Mea culpa!