Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Suri's Real

As I was looking today at a Vanity Fair pic of Suri, scion of Tom and Katie, I felt an odd sense of estrangement from pop culture. Why does anyone care a whit that the TomKat union has produced a tyke? Is it because of all of the rumors about Tom's sexual predelictions, the strange nature of Tom & Katie's romance, or that Top Gun finally quit shooting blanks? Rather odd. Katie even heralded the coming of this chosen child on her premier show: now Vanity Fair seems to have added the requisite hagiography or iconography to Hollywood's pantheon. Maybe, I should consult John Bunyan's magnum opus for some spiritual clarity.


jharkansas said...

Man, Suri looks like a Mini-Katie.  Thank goodness.

jakeho said...

I'm sure Suri's happy to look her beautiful mom, too.