Monday, September 18, 2006

Make Love, Not War

Senoras and senoritas are calling for a crossed-leg strike in Pereira, one of the most dangerous cities in Columbia. I.e., female lovers are putting their men on notice that they are not going to give it up unless the boys give up their guns in the local government's disarmament effort. Margarita, a gang member's moll said, "When we close ourselves off a bit they listen to us: if they don't give up their weapons, then we won't be with them." Caleno, a local tough, echoed her sentiments, " They say that if we don't drop our weapons, they won't be with us anymore: we need our women, and you'll change for your woman." According to officials, violence appears to have lessened.

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piperfromtn said...

I think I'd give up the women for a while.
Obviously, they're not the kind I'd hang around anyway.

This is my weapon,
this is my gun.
this one's for shootin',
this one's for fun.

jakeho said...

Jon, I agree with you that the law-abiding citizens shouldn't be compelled to give up their arms. However, I am more than happy when the street thugs do even if they are being convinced in a rather unorthodox manner.