Friday, September 1, 2006


Waitresses and barkeeps know well the acronym for Attitude Reflected In Tip. Generally, it is said by a customer ready to stiff (or leave a three-penny tip) to that service provider who has not lived up to his/her expectations. Or, maybe, it was a cutie that didn't flirt enough. However, Cindy Kienow, a bartender at Applebee's in Hutchinson, Kansas, received quite a surprise when a generous regular who generally discussed current events or the weather and who often tipped 50% left her a check. As she related the account, he normally turned it over but this time he kept it right side up and explicitly said, "I want you to know this is not a joke." As she looked agape at the $10,000 tip that he had left, he added, "This will buy you something kind of nice, huh? Kienow replied, "Yeah, it will." The eatery is still confirming that the tip is a legit charge and indicated its eagerness to give her the money upon verification. Kienow said, "I hope that he comes back in so I can tell him 'thank you' because the  other day I was kind of dumbfounded." She indicated that she would like to share her good fortune with her parents: she said, "[b]ut I feel like he wanted me to buy something for myself, and there's a Jeep that I've had my eye on for a while." An appropos anecdote for the under-appreciated working gal/gent: Happy Labor Day weekend!


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