Friday, September 29, 2006

Defense News: China Blinds U.S. Satellites

According to the U.K.'s Telegraph, the Defense News, a military affairs publication, reported Monday that sources reveal that Chinese can and have blinded American spy satellites as they passed over Chinese territory. These Chinese tests indicate that U.S. intelligence satellites could be rendered useless to gather information over Chinese soil. One erstwhile Pentagon senior official said, "The Chinese are very strategically minded and are extremely active in this arena: they really believe all the stuff written in the 1980s about the high frontier." So did Gorbachev: remember the Oslo summit and the subsequent fall of the Evil Empire?



piperfromtn said...

Let 'em spend billions, if not trillions on their paranoia.
As to the Oslo summit, I remember the picture of Reagan that showed a hole in his shoe(bottom).  Now he was someone to be concerned with.  Lib's I've met, like former Senator Sasser,  have had perfectly unworn looking shoes, which shows the disparate priorities of each.  Communist China had better be afraid of Bush; he works behind the scenes and isn't just polishing his kicks.  Maybe Condi, even more so.  

jakeho said...

I hope that your optimism is well founded. I do believe that Bush is very strong on defense: hopefully, he is not being distracted by the war on terrorism from keeping an eye on the stirring Dragon. I believe that they may be arming themselves to the degree that they can, at least, assert their own Monroe doctrine in their immediate sphere. However, I hope that they don't intend to follow a more aggressive route.