Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poland Remembers the Gipper

President Ronald Reagan is revered in Poland for his stalwart stand against communism and his role in its defeat in Europe. Admirers of the Gipper from Poland, Canada, and the United States plan to unveil a 11.5 foot stone-and-bronze statue across from the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw on July 4, 2007 to honor the 40th American president. One of them, Janusz Dorosiewicz, stated, "Reagan was the person who defeated the communists and opened the way for freedom in Poland: The statue is a way for his legacy to live on." Thank you, President Reagan, for being the West's Cincinnatus.

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piperfromtn said...

Awesome!  I wish I could be there for the unveiling.  It probably won't happen in DC anytime soon.

jakeho said...

It is wonderful when those who are worthy are given honor. Hopefully, President Reagan will get a deserved memorial on the Mall. At least, the airport of the nation's capital and the largest governmental building in D.C. bear his name.