Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Parsons' Pimpfant Fashions

Want to be the coolest parent on the block? Pimpfant wear is ready to help. Jared Parsons (ironic surname) brings you "Jr. Pimp Sqad" jerseys, "Baby Beater" tank tops, and "My Mom is a MILF" t-shirts. He got his inspiration when he tired of buying the usual child wear for his five-year old son: he wanted his boy to be able to dress like his daddy. Parsons defines "pimping" as "styling." Nothing like dredging the demimonde for designs!


jharkansas said...

The incestuous connotations of that last one is just too much.  As A6pilot said on a different post, our society continues to spiral downwards, it seems.

jakeho said...

Joseph, I hadn't thought of it in that particular manner but rather like something that Kevin Federline's kid might wear as his mom looks on with pride. Just trying to be hip, edgy without any consideration as to the moral implications of so influencing a child.

piperfromtn said...

After all, having children is about how they make you look, not how you parent.  Subject not object, c'mon.