Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nagin's Hurricane Hangover Eased

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin shows what it takes to be a successful Louisiana politician as he defeats Lieutenant Mitch Landrieu in Saturday's mayoral race. Landrieu, son of Moon Landrieu, the last white New Orleans mayor, and brother of Mary Landrieu, a current U.S. senator of Louisiana, was the choice of national Democratic leader Dean and his monied minions. Nagin brilliantly united his black constituency with white conservatives to let the nation know that Louisiana does not take too fondly to national intervention into its elections and politics. (Republicans founds that out when they tried to defeat Mitch Landrieu's sister in her reelection race and couldn't even properly pronounce her name in their ads.) After Nagin's re-election, Landrieu graciously conceded and promised to work with the mayor for a united, restored New Orleans, and Nagin similarly praised his opponent. However, Nagin deviated from his prepared remarks by lavishly praising President Bush for bringing billions of dollars in aid to New Orleans in the efforts to rebuild its levees and its infrastructure. He then thanked Governor Blanco (to the seemingly less appreciative audience) for her future efforts on part of the city and offered an olive branch to her. Nagin put the Big Hurt on the Big Easy's spoilsports!

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constancehogue said...

It is good to know that it is the Lord who puts up one and puts down others! CTH