Monday, May 29, 2006

2008 Prez/Veep Candidates

Republican - FL Gov. Jeb Bush/Sec. of State Condi Rice
- Bush - wrong surname for Prez for this election: nevertheless, he is a popular, able pro-life governor who has performed admirably during the hurricanes that hit his populous state and who has a very photogenic Hispanic family. Even more so than his brother, Jeb could bring the largest minority into the Republican fold.
- Rice - very attractive candidate for Veep: she is a highly intelligent, strong defense-minded single African-American woman who can keep the Republican base while making inroads into the black and feminist communities.

Democrat - IN Sen. Evan Bayh/NM Gov. Bill Richardson
- Bayh - articulate, reasonable moderate (akin to former Sen. John Breaux of LA): he doesn't fall victim to the knee-jerk demogoguery of the Pelosi/Reid wing.
- Richardson - moderate to conservative Hispanic governor: he is fiscally responsible and appeals to Clinton Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans (not to mention his fellow Hispanics).

Both Republicans and Democrats would be putting up formidable candidates that would resonate with much of the American public. Perhaps, the vitriol of partisan politics would be tamped down a bit as well.


jharkansas said...

It appears that Gingrich is agreeing with you:

I like Jeb for 2008.  He's the only candidate right now that could actually inspire me to get out and actively campaign.  And, as you and I discussed, he can bring in the Hispanic vote.

As for Condi, I have my reservations.  Would her proabortion tendencies have any effect on overturning Roe v. Wade?  Maybe as VP, she would not have an opportunity to exercise her opinions on abortion, however, if she served as VP, she would be a strong Presidential pick in the future.  Do we want to set up a proabortion candidate for the Presidency?  

jakeho said...

Joseph, I agree with your analysis. I am just positing the strongest vote getters for both parties in my view not whether they are the best candidates as to their positions on the issues.

piperfromtn said...

Boys, don't forget about George Allan of Virginia.  He's a possiblity and was popular when he was Governor(I wish he still was instead of the idiot who is currently in office).

jakeho said...

I think George Allen would be a good conservative candidate. Do you think that he would have the requisite charisma to galvanize a national campaign? I've seen him parry with pundits but I haven't seem him on the political hustings.

piperfromtn said...

George has enough stuff to be a National candidate.  It'll be interesting to see what happens.  Sean Hannity seems to think he will win the nomination.

jakeho said...

Jon, I agree that George Allen could be a strong candidate. He can in a distant second (15%) in a Minnesota Republican Party state convention straw poll held on June 2, 2006 to Newt (40%). Condi & John McCain came next with @ 10% each.

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