Saturday, May 27, 2006

AmEx: Don't Leave Home Without It

Chaz R. Watkin, 18, must have TiVo'd through the old American Express ads. According to an ABC report, Watkins pulled into Singhs Grocery in Livingston, LA (a town of 1,000 approximately 20 miles east of Baton Rouge), and pumped $36.50 of gas into his vehicle. Then the hapless lad realized that he had forgotten his wallet: shortly thereafter, unsurprisingly, an argument ensued with the store owner, Nardeep S. Bullar, 25. As Watkins tried to leave, Bullar shot out one tire and then another. Deputies arrested the would-be customer for theft of gasoline and the owner for aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, and illegal discharge of a firearm. East meets South: that good ole boy may shop at Dixie Gas next time.



piperfromtn said...

"Can't we all just get along?" -Rodney King.  Yes Rodney, we can, provided it's just a misdemeanor, not a felony, Rodney.
Seems like the guy should have offered some sort of collateral while he went home to get his wallet and Mujabar should have understood.  But where Mujabar comes from, people can't be trusted, so, he shoots his tires and gets arrested.  Maybe Mujabar needs to get a grip and let junior run home and get his money.

piperfromtn said...

I accidentally left without paying once and got pulled over.  I got out of my car to ask the deputy what was wrong and he unsnapped his firearm and I quickly said "wait, wait just a minute...what's going on?".  He said that I hadn't paid for my gas and then I remembered "Harvey didn't pay" when he was supposed to(it was a band trip).
Oh well.  I went back and paid them myself and proceeded to curse Harvey profusely.

jakeho said...

Can't blame you for ticked at ole Harvey, J. Speaking of piping, I'm looking forward to seeing you and your fam soon at B & K's celebration.