Monday, May 29, 2006

Best Fast Food Burger

*1. Burger King's Whopper, Jr. (juicier and tastier than the regular Whopper)
 2.  Sonic Burger No. 1 (Mayo) (delicious but would be better in a waxed paper wrapper)
 3. Mickey D's Big Mac (good in a weird way)
 4. Wendy's Classic Burger (too much bread, too little heat, and not enough yum)
 5. Krystal Burger (great midnight snack w/ kechup)

* Burger King also offers the worst burger, i.e., the Angus burger. The sauce is horrid and the
patty is as dry as the Gobi desert. It is BK's New Coke: a good idea but a horrible product.


constancehogue said...

  You must have been hungry for a burger last night!!  Love, Mum

piperfromtn said...

You'll have to try a Pal's burger, which is a chain in East Tennessee.  They are like going to a grilling at someone's house, except the burger is 1/3 lb.  It is both delicious and messy.  Don't plan on driving and eating at the same time because it can't be done, unless of course you like having hamburger juice, mayo, and tomato all over you.
Incidentally, Wendy's offers the whole grain bun for a few cents more and it's a good alternative to the other.

jakeho said...

Definitely could have used some nutritionally suspect fast food. I love you, too, Mum!

jakeho said...

Jon, you're making me hungry for a Pal's burger, and it's not even 7:00 a.m. yet. Next time I'm up there we'll have to get some to go and add a few cold ones for good measure.

jharkansas said...

My gripe with BK, McD's, Wendy's, Sonic, etc. is the cold bottom bun.  Not a good thing.  On the other hand, there is a local convenience store called T&J's that makes one of the best burgers around: juicy, fat, fresh veggies, and warm buns (someone out there is laughing at the potential double entendre, but none is intended).

Other than that, my order of preference would be 1. Sonic, 2. Wendy's, 3. BK, and 4. McD's.

jakeho said...

Joseph, you're right about that too oft cold bottom bun (no pun intended--truly). Funny thing, BK does not take customers' suggestions in this regard because of legal concerns as to potential future compensation claims by those customers. Brilliant pr move: You get it our way!