Friday, May 12, 2006

Eau de Stilton, Bebe!

London Telegraph news alert! Guess what, gals! Now you can lure your man a la Elle MacPherson in Sirens: the makers of Stilton have commissioned a perfume called Eau de Stilton that captures the bleu cheese's pungent seductive aroma. Is Eau de Limburger next from our friends across the Pond?


jharkansas said...

James, forgive my constructive criticism here, but you've got to start posting links.  Would you like a little help on that feature?


jakeho said...

Absolutely, Joseph! I welcome all the help I can get. Please let me know about not only links but pic imports as well. Thanks, Bro!

piperfromtn said...

I like my woman to smell like curds...Eau de cheddar...eau de insanity; eau brother!