Monday, May 22, 2006

Balco Bonds' Clear Record

San Fran "Giant" Barry Bonds tied George Herman "Babe" Ruth's hallowed mark yesterday as he finally got his 714th homer against the Oakland A's. Under investigation by baseball for alleged steroid use and by a federal grand jury for possible perjury (in his denial of knowingly using steroids to another grand jury investigating the BALCO affair), Bond's achievement met with mixed reviews. Nineteen-year-old Tyler Snyder, who caught the 714th homer ball, indicated that he probably would not give the record ball to Bonds (whom he hates) but would like Bonds to sign it if its value would be increased. Records are made to be broken: however, if steroids gives us new slugging and homer records, will true fans of the national pastime still care about these once cherished statistics?

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