Saturday, May 27, 2006

ESPN Bails On Bonds

ESPN has decided to pull the ill-conceived "Bond on Bonds" early after its airing of the ninth episode on Monday. The sports network had hoped to cash in on Bond's personal perspective as he chased the Babe and closed in on Hank Aaron. Doubtless, ratings suffered in no small part because of the controversy surrounding his alleged steroid use. Bonds has maintained that he never knowingly used steroids. Now that he is being investigated by Major League Baseball and by a federal grand jury in this regard, Bonds seems to falter forward while futilely soliciting the support of baseball fans and the media that he has so often spurned and disparaged. Clear-ly, no extra innings for S.F.'s Michellan Man! (Reminds me: I need to go see X-Men 3.)

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