Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

On this special day, to all the veterans (Union, Confederate, and all others who served in the nation's wars declared or not) who paid the ultimate price, we, your fellow citizens, salute you. You answered the call and for that you are owed an unfathomable debt of gratitude. May God bless your descendants and the citizenry for whom you sacrificed your lives!


constancehogue said...

Thank you, James, for your good tribute to our veterans.  We do thank them and their families for their  giving of themselves to help protect us and our country from the enemy!  CTH

piperfromtn said...

Thanks from me too, James.  Of course, I had relatives that were both Union and Confederate. They were Union only long enough to become Confederate again, which is suitable and fitting.  My Uncle Balsam, whom I've never met, was killed in WWII while making repairs on a ship.  And my grandfather, OK Sr., who fought in the Argonne-Meuse offensive in WWI, suffered post-traumatic stress disorder for his country.  And Dad, whom you knew, was in the Philipines in WWII. He saw some pretty horrific things and by God's grace was spared some close calls.

jakeho said...

You are blessed, Jon! It's amazing what our forbears have given and sacrificed for us. As to your dad, I miss him: I'm thankful for the privilege of spending time with him and enjoying his wonderful witticisms. Aren't you thankful, Jon, that you, his much beloved son, were able to bring him into the Christian family?