Sunday, July 2, 2006

Get Out the Lysol

As CBS New Prez Sean McManus cut the Gordian knot that Rather had tied when he scandalized CBS News with Memogate, he continues to clean house with his efforts to restore prestige and credibility to the Eye Network. He wooed Katie Couric with a $15 mil/year contract to resurrect CBS News after the quirky Texan had taken the once august network from a perennial first to a continous third. (Interim anchor Bob Sheiffer had stablized and increased ratings after Rather's Bush story fiasco, and McManus realized that he had to have a clean break from the recent past and get immediately recognizable and popular talent.) Also, McManus is trying to reinvigorate the storied 60 Minutes franchise having enlisted CNN's Anderson Cooper to become a co-host on the Sunday program and having leaned on Mike Wallace to make his way toward retirement even though the aging, confrontational correspondent will still infrequently appear on 60 Minutes. Who knows, McManus may restore a network news division to a semblence of fairness and objectivity: there may still be hope for the now senile dowager NYT.


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