Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ma'an: Tel Aviv to Get One Hour

According to Israel National News, Ma'an, a Palestinian-Authority-based organization, quotes secret Arab sources as stating, "The Lebanese resistance is preparing a retaliation parallel to Israel's military actions: Hassan Nasrallah will address the people of Tel Aviv and warn them to evacuate the city within one hour." They added, "As soon as the delay ends, hundreds of heavy missiles will start landing in the city, which has been divided into squares in order to let damage reach every inch of the city: an estimated 500 missiles are expected to land in Tel Aviv in a short period of time." The Arab press sources further said that Hizbullah (or Hezbollah) has been carefully modulating their PR to increase the surprise of Tel Aviv at the future barrage. Moreover, they indicate that Nasrallah deems the war not to have yet begun and that he plans "surprises" for Israel including more kidnapping of its servicemen.


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piperfromtn said...

I reckon if I was him, I'd be worried about becoming a well-done Hezbollah-a-bob.