Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kiwi Cop Loses Night Job

An Auckland City copper was counseled (equivalent to a censure for New Zealand police) for taking a night job amongst the Kiwi demimonde to ease her financial plight, according to Deputy Commissioner Lyn Provost. (As to the monetary rewards, a parlour pretty can earn $500 on a Friday night according to a spokewoman for the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective.) Provost explainded that she believed that common sense would indicate that police work and sex work are incompatible. Ron Mark, NZ First law and order spokesman said, "There is a very real possibility that a police officer could be quietly moonlighting as a prostitute and under threat of being found out, to be subjected to extortion or demands to provide information or turn a blind eye to criminal activities." He added that the regulations concerning secondary employment of policemen needed tightening.  Apparently, privacy concerns dictated that the officer's name be withheld: her employer and the term of her employment were not released because of confidentiality concerns. Maybe, Nevada police officials will want to take note to preclude similar conflicts of interest.


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