Saturday, July 8, 2006

9-Yr-Old Manaus Mom

This morning's Fox and Friends mentioned this story but did not elaborate: Pravda provided the following account by Ms. Daniele Santos, spokesperson for Funai, the National Indian Bureau. Near Manaus, a city in the western Amazon, a pregnant Apurina "Indian" tribe nine-year-old girl was found by natural gas pipeline workers in the jungle. She was transported to Manaus were she gave birth by Caesarean section to a healthy 5 lb. baby. The mother refused to comment and the baby's father is thus far unknown. Ms. Santos said that an investigation of possible rape would be commenced. She stated, "In some cultures it's natural for girls to have sexual relations after their first menstruation, but now we have to study if that was the case here, if their culture permits this." The mother and her baby were to be given a month of medical care before they were returned to Jaturana, their home village around 75 miles from Manaus. (According to national census data, most of the approximately 700,000 Indians live in the northern Brazilian Amazon rainforest.)


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