Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel Blasts Beirut Internat'l Airport

Israel is fulfilling its pledge to inflict a "very, very, very painful" retribution on Lebanon. (Israel's military confirmed that it is now imposing an air and sea blockade on Lebanon.) Today its warplanes hit Lebanon's only international airport with the stated purpose to end air traffic in and out of Beirut: their aim was successful as officials closed the airport and diverted traffic to nearby Cyprus. In addition to cutting off the capital from the outside world and basically shuttering the country's tourism industry, Israel continued to pound Lebanon for the second day with collateral damage at 22 civilian lives according to local news accounts. Morever, its planes are blasting bridges, roads, and their Hezbollah foes (including one of their radio stations near Beirut) deep into Lebanon while Hezbollah continues to fire its rockets into northern Israel.



piperfromtn said...

Today Colonel David Hunt said of Iran "we could make them(Iran)a glass factory if we wanted to".  The same goes for Hezbollah and Israel.  The Israelis are brilliant in immobilizing the transportation into and out of the country so that Iran and their ilk can't resupply them with fresh materiel to fight with. We may see a return of the cowboy Bush that so many have lamented "is past/gone".  Kim Jong Il's bottle rockets will just have to wait 'cause we've got glass to make.

jakeho said...

Missed ya, J, at this weekend's confab: it was excellent. Since GC is Lebanese and much of GC's fam lives in Lebanon, I do feel an enormous amount of sympathy for them, their friends, and others similarly situated even though the aim of the operations may be proper. Look forward to seeing you soon, J!