Friday, July 21, 2006

Feed the Hungry Losers? Bah!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Don't you wish, Vegas! Wednesday the Las Vegas Council passed a law that bans giving free or low-cost food to the poor in parks. The measure describes an indigent individual as a "person whom a reasonable ordinary person would believe to be entitled to apply for or receive assistance" under state law from the government. When asked how police would identify such indigents that would precipitate a violation, Mayor Oscar Goodman stated, "Certain truths are self-evident: you know who's homeless." City officials defended the law by saying that the provision of foodstuffs apart from other services like drug treatment and counseling is counterproductive. Good Samaritan Gail Sacco defiantly said, "I'm going to do whatever I think is necessary to keep people alive." The ACLU of Nevada stated that the constitution is patently unconstitutional, unenforceable, and yet another try by Vegas to harrass and hide the homeless instead of helping them. It's executive director, Gary Peck, indicated that a legal challenge is likely. Vegas, a Robin Hood without an altruistic streak?



obfuscator22 said...

This reminds me of an incident that happened just the other day.  A bum in the park asked me for a nickel for a sandwich and cup of coffee.  I gave him two bits and suggested he try the Automat on 47th Street.   A dime will get you a bowl of hot soup and a danish.  Not bad.  It sure beats the chop suey at Jimmy Wong's on East 33rd.

(written in my 1947 mode)

jakeho said...

Instead of outlawing private charity, maybe, Vegas should consider feeding its poor so that they don't have to hang around in parks for a sandwich. In the same vein, perchance, the mayor should embrace his surname instead of making a mockery thereof.