Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good Vibrations

Tired of exercising or feeling guilty for not doing so, buy the Power Plate. Like Madonna, Claudia Shiffer, and Natalie Imbruglia, you too can get that toned and sculpted body without a punishing exercise regimen for the mere price of 6,995 sterling pounds (professional gym version) or a pittance of 2,599 quids (smaller personal version). Just step up on this dream machine, and it works by putting your body through a fifteen-minute workout, as the vibrations compel your dormant muscles to contract and relax up to 50/sec. If you're not celeb body conscious already, fear not: this miraculous marvel is designed to accommodate all fitness and age levels. Ergo, plunk down the cash and get that body buff. (You may have to have it shipped from the UK or one of her continental cousins.)



jharkansas said...

If I was wealthy enough to afford it, it would be worth it.  The irony is that someone who is wealthy enough to afford this probably also has the luxury of extra time to work out.  

Maybe, I could buy one of these and charge folks a hundred dollars a month to use it.  Imagine, if you had 20 people sign up, you could have it paid for in about 5 months and be raking in the profits thereafter.

jakeho said...

Not a bad idea, Joseph! And that would be for the professional model. You should be able to get plenty of soccer moms, their kids, and the rest of us who tend to view exercise as an evil (albeit necessary). Look forward to seeing you and your fam very soon, J!

piperfromtn said...

Joseph, that is a good idea.  Wonder what kind of weight a man drops shootin' a .50 BMG Barrett?  I heard it'll knock the taste out of your mouth, so it's gotta be somewhat athletic.  The reason I mention it is that some aquaintances talked about procuring one and renting it out like you suggested concerning this vibration/exercise thingy.

obfuscator22 said...

Well, I've not linked to that article, but I like exercise myself; of course I'm a little strange, but everyone knows that anyone, eh?   I rather enjoy my 6 mile walk after work alternating with continuing to uproot tree stumps (currently I'm chopping through a pine stump about 2 1/2 feet in diameter with an axe and 8 pound maul) every other day.  

I could advertise my regimen as a poor man's version of Gold's Gym, but I don't think I'd get any takers.  Maybe if I gave post-Katrina "working eco-vacation"tours, ala Tom Sawyer.