Thursday, July 6, 2006

JPN Ppr: NK Missile Aimed at American Waters

According to Reuters, the Sankei Shimbun (a Japanese newspaper) reported on Friday (Thu. CST) that the long-range missile that North Korea launched yesterday was aimed at American waters. As noted yesterday in this blog, Pravda reported that the Taepodong-2 (with a range of up to 6000 km) failed yesterday 500 km after launch and fell into the northwestern Sea of Japan. However, data from Japanese and American surveillance aircraft and Aegis radar-equipped destroyers indicated that the trajectory of the missile indicated that it was headed toward waters near Hawaii.



piperfromtn said...

Have you seen the satellite photo of North Korea at night?  The only lights visible in the whole country are in the capital city, Pyongyang.  So, Kim Jong Il has all kinds of lights in Pyongyang (probably stays up and watches dance numbers that he's so fond of) and his people are starving.  He's the quintessential communist bastard whom we've all grown to loathe.  The left needs to take note of what he's doing.  I remember Madeline "Not-so-bright" drinking champagne with this idiot.  I'm sure that he regards her and her President Clinton, as a fool.
We'll end up taking him out(or just disabling the nuclear threat) and making the capital city "Pyongbang".  

jakeho said...

Jon, I have seen a satellite pic at night of North Korea: it's truly surreal. I read also that its superhighways are virtually empty. Such megalomania is incredible, esp. in this modern world. Hopefully, the U.S. want have to make a military strike: it would be bad news for South Korea with Seoul's proximity to Kim's one-million-man army and SK's vulnerability to nuclear attack by short-range missile.