Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Talking Bikinis

Girls, now your bikini-clad bodies can be safe from the sun's rays but not necessarily from overtly appreciative eyes. Solestrom has designed a new bikini that sports a UV overexposure alarm with a meter within the belt: ergo, when your $190 bikini starts beeping, go get a margarita or a cosmopolitan at a shaded cabana bar. Demand for this bikini is strong in Australia and South Africa where skin cancer rates are the highest in the world. This suit will become available in the U.S. next month. The ever popular bikini was designed in July 1946 by Frenchman Louis Reard who named it after Bikini Atoll, site of the a-bomb testing by the U.S. True to his prescient prognostications, the world was rocked by his creation: its explosive echoes reverberate ever mellifluous to many of Aphrodite's acolytes.



obfuscator22 said...

J, 3 quick comments and one question:

  1.  I'm just glad they didn't name the ever popular feminine 2 piece swimsuit the "Alamagordo."  ("bikini" has a nicer ring to it)

   2.  This blog entry led me irrevocably to where you can research both the history of the Atoll Islands and its inhabitants as well as the history of the bikini and see a picture of Mr. Reard (at the history page) with his creation.  Try it!

   3.  What in the world is a "cosmopolitan"?  Is it a mixed drink?

That's it.  

obfuscator22 said...

Correction:  make that

jakeho said...

Geo., the Cosmopolitan is indeed a mixed alcoholic potation: it's prominent place in "Sex in the City" made it a must drink for urbane honeys who hate life but love men.

jakeho said...

G, thanks for the website. As I perused its offerings, I began to think that you were joshing as to the Reard foto and the bikini info: then I followed your directions more punctiliously and found them both. Isn't it interesting how the mores have changed in American contemporary culture?

piperfromtn said...

What if he named the bikini 'the atoll'?  Perhaps it would sound like what it, the lower quadrant, was intended to cover.  Also doubles for the non-euphemism for a trial lawyer: "he's an atoll".  
/poor puns toggle off

jakeho said...

If I get your drift, I assume that you are referring to the swimming garb of some Tenderloin residents.