Friday, June 30, 2006

Snake Alert

No, I'm not talking about pols but the real kind. As most of you know, I have had an overabundance of outside cats. However, lately, I've noticed a decimation of the number of ones that feed atop my back porch. Initially, I thought that they might have been feasting on field mice in adjacent corn fields. However, I have heard twice the telltale sounds of a rattler: I tend to think that one or more have preyed on the curious felines. Please be extra careful outside and caution the children to be extra observant as they play in these halcyon days of summer.


jharkansas said...

Pols?  I thought you were talking about lawyers...ahem!

This reminds me of the story Bobo told me about when she killed that snake with a hoe.  She had no fear.

Do you think the rattlers are killing and eating the kittens?  Or are the snakes morbidly rewarding the kittens' curiosity?  Poor little things.  Either way, not a pleasant way to go.  Of course, with as many kittens as y'all have, nature may be helping you keep the numbers down.

jakeho said...

Well, seeing that that allusion would be an aspersion against my fellow asps, I refrained from making such an attribution. Happily, today I found a second surviving kitten in addition to the three adult felines gracing the grounds. Even though my cat food bill has dropped quite a bit, I am still ready to do battle against those rapacious rattlers.

jharkansas said...

Well, there are good snakes (although they still bite).

jharkansas said...

Good luck in your snake hunt, just be careful, bro.