Friday, June 9, 2006

Did Ya Hear?

Did you hear that the Bikini Strangler suspected allegedly tried to rape a Birmingham lady but was dissuaded when she began to witness to him? That Al-Zarqawi was placed on a gurney and recognized those attempting to give him medical aid as U.S. military and that he apparently tried to escape before suddenly dying? That Ann got attacked again as vicious this time by a Demorcratic 9-11 commissioner? That the Dixie Chicks' ticket sales in the South are suffering whereas her Canadian concert sold out quickly? Did you hear that I only had a few minutes to compose this? :-)


jharkansas said...

I think it's more than a little sad that the strangulation's publicity derives largely from the perverted means of the young girl's murder.  I'm somewhat leery, James, that all the attention given this murder is not a form of perversion itself, i.e. a morbid curiosity intensified by the fact that her own bikini was the weapon.

Zarqawi.  I'm thankful that he's dead.

Ann Coulter.  She makes her bread on controversy, so I don't think it hurts her feelings any.   I think that the 9-11 widows, like Cindy Sheehan, are poor unfortunate tools of the American Left, the real culprits here.

jakeho said...

Points well made, Joseph. As to the Bikini Strangler suspect, he described himself as a vicious animal. When I see him and read about what he is alleged to have done, I'm truly creeped out. He looks like the nightmare of every young girl, dad, mom, brother, boyfriend, etc.: he reminds one that total depravity is man's fate without Christ and as such can sink to ever increasing nadirs.