Friday, June 2, 2006

Alien Quack?

Has Marie Travers, assistant manager of the International Bird Rescue Research Center (hereafter I.B.R.R.C.) in Cordelia, CA, discovered an alien? After x-raying a rescued duck with a broken wing, she was shocked when she examined the radiograph to see what appears to be the clear visage of an ET. Unfortunately, the duck died subsequent to its examination. Karen Benzel, the p.r. director for I.B.R.R.C., said that the results of the autopsy are still pending. The center is offering the original x-ray with a certificate of authenticity on eBay in an auction that begins on June 4, 2006 (this Sunday).

Cf. for the article and photo.


obfuscator22 said...

That visage is actually of the actor who portrayed "ET" in the movie:  Sir Colin Frothingham.  Ever since the 1982 Spielberg blockbuster, Sir Frothingham's likeness has now come to represent what an "extra-terrestrial" is supposed to look like.  

Sir Frothingham, actually a dead-ringer for Stan Laurel, is now in his 70's and in failing health.   You may send cards and flowers to the following address: ******************, Marylebone Station, London, U.K.  704TR.

jharkansas said...

And when she cut open the duck's belly, she found?  

jakeho said...

Sorry for initially omitting that minor detail. :-) Results of the duck's necropsy are not yet available.