Thursday, June 8, 2006

Al-Zarqawi Killed in Air Strike

Bush's Iraq policy received a major boost Wednesday evening when American F-16 aces used two 500-lb. precision bombs to take out al-Zarqawi, his spiritual adviser, Il-Iraqi, and four other people in a safe house outside of Baqouba, north of Baghdad. The death of "the slaughtering sheik" (as he was affectionately called by his followers) was confirmed by Al-Qaida the terrorist group he led in Iraq.  The death of the ruthless 39-year-old was hailed by Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki who promised to honor the $25,000,000 bounty on Al-Zarqawi's head. Ordinary Iraqi citizens danced in the streets at news of Al-Zarqawi's demise, and Americans have reason for renewed hope for a peaceful, democratic Iraq.


piperfromtn said...

    Great news!  Way to go U.S. Armed Forces.
    Too bad the Berg father is a lib and still thinks it was Geo. W. Bush who killed his son.
    I've got some news for you, Mr. Berg: Zarqawi was the bad guy, the guy in the cowboy hats' the good guy. Nick Berg's dad is a looney lib, in some sort of psychological denial, who hates Bush.  
    That translates to hating you and me.

    My heros haven't always been cowboys, but I'm glad that another cowboy, one of my heros, is currently in the White House.  The first was Ronaldus Magnus.

    I'm just thankful that Zarqawi doesn't hold breath any longer and that God has seen fit to allow us(U.S.)to get him and some of his henchmen.

obfuscator22 said...

The liberal media is at it again, though!  The NY Times headline for 6-9-06 said:  "U.S. Bombs Rudely Disrupt Zarqawi Poolside Barbecue!"  

A sample:  "....Two massive 500 pound bombs with American insignia smashed into Mr. al-Zarqawi's humble abode, not only taking the life of the poor gentleman, but also obliterating his residence, one which he built through years of "sweat equity."  The group "Make Granola, Not Guns" plans to send a team to Baqouba to rebuild the structure."  

Another reason why I don't respect the NYT.

jakeho said...

Jon, did you hear Berg's dad on Fox & Friends? It was so surreal to hear his blaming of Bush for his son's death in Iraq just as we saw the aftermath of the justice served on his boy's killer. E.D. Hill & Brian Kilmeade were clearly incredulous as they interviewed this benighted Berg. What a sad, ignoble spectacle!

jakeho said...

Geo., I'd would be surprised if the NYT did not highlight the collateral damage as to the mother and child. Didn't you know that al-Zaq was dressed fashionably in black (same garb as in the vid) when the cowboy in the white hat meted out some Texas justice? Perhaps, in NYT ethos it's better to look good than be good.