Friday, June 2, 2006

Bikini Strangler Suspect Pics

Greenville County prosecutor Bob Ariail released photos today of the suspect thought to be a young (18-25) white male in the Bikini Strangler case. The pics showed the suspect, masked by two bandanas, trying to access Tiffany Marie Souer's account with her debit card. He tried unsuccessfully to use it six times at Wachovia and Sun Trust banks: ironically, Tiffany's killer left $500 in cash in her apartment. Further, the prosecutor indicated that the purported perp had a light-colored, two-door SUV (probably a 1982-1994 GMC Jimmy or Chevy Blazer) and remained in the area. Moreover, he believed the slaying to be sexually motivated. (Seemingly, the suspect removed Tiffany's sheets, perhaps, indicating his attempt to remove incriminating dna evidence.) On O'Reilly last night, Geraldo stated that the suspect was probably a male "friend." Of course, he has also conjectured that Al Capone's vault held newsworthy contents.


obfuscator22 said...

Geraldo Riveria is like the former Mets outfielder Dave Kingman.  When he swings, he swings for the fences and if he connects, he hits a towering 500 plus foot home run over the left field fence at Wrigley, over Waveland Avenue, and on top of a rootop apartment where young urban northsiders are grilling their brats and drinking their Old Style.

However, when he doesn't connect, he awkwardly strikes out.

Geraldo was wrong about Capone, but right about OJ.  He also risked life and limb to help a little old lady in a wheelchair roll herself down the stairs in a building in New Orleans during Katrina.  

jakeho said...

George, Geraldo is definitely a blusterer who was right about O.J. However, being right about the Juice was akin to a major leaguer hitting the ball in teeball. Further, his passionate, dogged defense of Clinton's lying under oath will linger in my mind as I hear any of his postulations. Nevertheless, you are quite about his herculean efforts on behalf of that poor, displaced lady during the Katrina rescues.