Saturday, June 17, 2006

Elvis Still the King

The King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley is still much beloved by his fans even almost thirty years after his death: he leads other dead celebs as he pulled in almost $52,000,000 from the grave in 2005. Grunge rocker Kurt Cobain raked in around $50 million, much of it from Courtney Love's sale of 25% of Nirvana's song catalog. Brainy, quirky Einstein raked in $25 million from sales of his image. Iconic sex kitten Marilyn Monroe generated $8 million in revenue.



piperfromtn said...

I suppose Michael Jackson is regretting (only cash-wise)his break-up with Elvis' daughter.  But, I won't be cruel and go into all that.

jakeho said...

Maybe, Way Down he is.

piperfromtn said...

Michael Jackson should sing
Are you Ronesome, tonight?
Wait a minute, the Japanese P/M has taken ovel...err...over.