Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Bikini Strangler Suspect Nabbed

Around 11:45 p.m. last night, Jerry Buck Inman, 35, a registered sex offender in FL and NC, was arrested in Dandridge, TN, on charges of the murder, rape, and kidnapping of Clemson student Tiffany Marie Soeurs. Inman was driving past his parents' home when Jefferson County's sheriff's deputies nabbed the suspect without incident. According to Robert Steward, division chief of the South Carolina State Law Enforcement, Inman's DNA matched that taken from Souer's apartment. Soeur's was found dead on May 26, 2006, with her wrists and ankles bound and a bikini top still around her neck.Souer's brother Trevor said that he hugged his mother when he heard the news and related that his mother stated that she was happy for the first time in a while.


Readers, please be patient because a recent electricity surge destroyed my computer modem. I am using someone else's computer on occasion to make updates. At least, on this PC (unlike my Mac) I can give you interactive links.


piperfromtn said...

    Dandridge is not too far from here.  I'm very glad they got him.  All the more reason for us to consider that there are lots of idiots running around out there and we need to prepare for whenever we might meet one up close.  Law enforcement knows the rule though, the idiot always goes home.

    As to your modem issue, get a high joule rated surge protector(maybe $30 at the most)with a modem connection.  This way, the juice runs through the protector and simply throws a switch, thereby protecting one's modem.  

By the way, you know anyone who wants kittens; feline, that is?  

jakeho said...

Jon, thanks for your advice on the surge protector: unfortunately, I had my computer and its phone line routed through one but I think the outlet was either not grounded or grounded improperly. As to the suspect, I'm very happy that they finally got him, esp., since he was found near you. What is the deal with all of these sexual crimes? Do you think that they are being reported more or that there is a significant uptick in their occurence?

jharkansas said...

James, my modem got fried during an electrical storm over a year ago even though I was using a surge protector.  The only thing that I could deduce was that the surge had come in through the phone line.  So, whenever we have storms come through, I unplug both the phone line and the electricity.

jakeho said...

Joseph, I appreciate your advice on my problem. Even though I had both the electrical plug and the phone plug being "protected by the surge protector, the modem got fried, I guess. Also, the weather was perfect outside but the electricity for no discernible reason went off and then on twice: had it been storming, I would have felt much better. :-) It's like I'm living in Fidel's idyllic haven.

piperfromtn said...

Joules, boys, joules.  Find the highest rated joules and this should preclude your 'puter from being popped.
/pontification off