Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pluto Sent Back to Hades

In Prague Thursday at the International Astronomical Union meeting, astronomers banished Pluto from the planetary pantheon back to his hellish home: ergo, they deprived us of one our celeberated heavenly orbs. What is going on? Is there a conspiracy to discombobulate Everyman (or Everywomyn)? We have U.S. legislators trying to "save money" by purging pennies from our coin species: these carping cochleffels even want to expunge our trusty George Washington with a surly Susan B. Anthony. Will these pontificating panjandrums ever leave us and well enough alone?

Cf. "Third rock's atronomers 'dwarf' Pluto's status in the solar system," USA Today (Aug. 25-27, 2006), Section A, page 1.


constancehogue said...

Thanks, James, for informing us on what is going on in our "civilized" world.  We appreciate your research and insight!    Love, Mum

jakeho said...

Thank you, Mum, for your very kinds words. As you know, I thoroughly enjoy the issues of the day and the miscellany of the moment. It's a privilege to share my perspective and get the feedback of the reader.