Monday, August 28, 2006

AOL Counter Croaks

When AOL is trying to retain its diminishing customer base (from @ 30+ million to @17.5 million users), you would think that its techs would fix its irritating re-setting journal counter. I called its customer service, and the rep indicated that he couldn't do anything about it: he suggested that I write an e-mail to the AOL acephalus (now ensconced in a fetal position). I.e., put your problem in the suggestion box (that might get answered, or, more likely discarded). As a blog writer, it's nice to know the potential readership of the journal or, at least, how many hits the site is receiving. However, my Carpe Diem counter has reset thrice: ergo, I've removed it from the page.

While I'm venting, AOL tends to treat its Mac users like second-class citizens. Whereas AOL allows PC users to spellcheck, link, etc., it gives Mac users basically the write to type and include pics from their comps or Hometown links (if they have them). Of course, when a Mac user calls into tech support (even using the special Mac number), he/she should not be surprised if he/she gets sent to general customer support or PC tech support.


jakeho said...

AOL's Journal is getting worse: its "add entry" and "edit entry" are even missing now.
They are becoming the lees of ISPs.

jakeho said...

Now they're back. What's wrong with my service? At least, it seems to be working now.