Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Ain't Missing U at All

Today is the anniversary of the death of a very dear person. His life impacted mine as he wed a dear, sweet sis and fathered the most special of children. Like his earthly father and, more importantly, like his heavenly Father, he brought love, joy, and compassion to his family, other sojourners in faith, and to his proverbial neighbor. I, and we, love you, J, and look forward to seeing you in that heavenly realm.


constancehogue said...

Thank you, dearest James.  Jim is truly one of my precious treasures; I never stop missing him, loving him.  Can't wait to see his dear face again. --Esther

jharkansas said...

Amen, James.  We dearly miss our brother and are thankful that God loaned him to us for the time that we had him here.  Thankfully, he will be one of those to welcome us on that blissful shore.  

constancehogue said...

  Thank you for that wonderful tribute to James Harley Davis, Jr. - my dear son-in-law who went to Glory about nine years ago.  His wife -my daughter- had a wonderful life with him.  And we see him in his dear, nine-year old son James Harley Davis,III.  Like his Dad, he is a very caring and perceptive young man.  God's way are far above ours.  We will understand everything bye and bye!  Love, Your Mom