Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Britney: 2 Tabu 4 Tokyo

Tokyo's metro has refused to allow a Harper's Bazaar advert featuring Britney Spears nude and heavy with child a la Demi Moore. Officials labeled the pic "too stimulating" for some of their subway customers. Brit must be overjoyed that she can still titillate--even if it's the conservative constituency of the emperor's erstwhile Edo--after her vid that exhibited her belching and bemoaning her paucity of pulchritude. Now she may not have to listen as much to Christina sing, "You Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say."



piperfromtn said...

Another example of a ring in pig's snout: Britney's foolishness.  Parklane Academy(Brookhaven or McComb I can't remember), where she attended school, used to be on my list to visit for Belhaven.  She was probably in about the 7th grade  when I went there as a recruiter.  Too bad she didn't go to the 'haven and maybe listen with her heart and hear that God can forgive her too.  

jakeho said...

J, it would have been good had you been able to persuade her to ck out the 'haven. Poor girl, I think that she would have been much happier and more fulfilled had she received her theological and philosophical instruction from Dr. K.