Monday, August 28, 2006

Cronkite Anchors Couric to CBS

Amid luminaries in the broadcast galaxy, Walter Cronkite, once known as the "most trusted man in America," will introduce Katie Couric to the nation on her opening night as CBS News anchor. A top CBS source said, "This is a bold statement of continuity and 'trust,' a commitment to the quality of the CBS Evening News." Since Dan Rather, her non-interim predecessor, is not passing the torch, that statement seems more than a tacit admission by CBS that the folksy, Texan has tarnished the Tiffany network's news reputation. After CBS' exile of Cronkite during the Rather years, it seems ironic that they have returned to him to restore an air of credibility to CBS. (Of course, those who have followed Uncle Walter's pontifications in the news wilderness realize that he has outed himself as an uber liberal: unless you are a NPR junkie, you may not be overly awed by CBS' transferral of "trust.")


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