Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Lieberman Loses

Joe Lieberman lost his bid for the Connecticut Democratic primary yesterday to Ned Lamont, a vocal anti-war and anti-Bush advocate. Lieberman, the "moral voice" of his party, has combined a liberal domestic policy with a hawkish foreign policy (in the Middle East) during his tenure as senator. However, the lib blogoshere and the gang were not as willing as Bush Republicans (e.g., as to Specter) to give their black sheep pol unwavering support. Former Prez Clinton and his wife gave Joe their lukewarm backing: they were undoubtedly grateful that he decided not to call for the President's impeachment or punishment during Monicagate but still a bit miffed that he sermonized about Bill's sin. Also, George's kiss of death didn't help things either.


jharkansas said...

Wasn't Lieberman elected pretty easily in 2000 after the Bill Clinton impeachment?  I fail to see how that is an issue now.  

I think it's pretty clear.  The democrats hate Bush and they want Lieberman to pay for supporting Bush in the Iraq war.  Someone at NRO today said that Lieberman should imitate the Gipper and say, "I didn't leave the Democratic party...the Democratic party left me!"

I wonder if this isn't an opportunity for Republicans to sneak in a victory through a divide and conquer strategy (of course, they won't say this now, while Lieberman could still pull out of the race).

jakeho said...

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton stated earlier that she would support whoever won the Democratic party primary. Obviously, she and her hub are the biggest stars in the galaxy of the party of the Donkey: had they given ole Joe their unequivocal support, I don't believe that he would have gone down in defeat. I believe that their failure to do was attributable in no small part to his impeachment stance. To say that the Democratic party has left him is only applicable to the Iraq war: otherwise, he's a classic liberal. The GOP needs Lieberman like it needed Jeffords.

jharkansas said...

I disagree, James.  I think Lieberman saved Clinton with that speech.  He gave Dems the strategy of speak out against Clinton's behavior in the most stringent of terms yet maintain that perjury under oath did not reach the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors."  It was brilliant, really.  Hate the sin, love the sinner, and all that jazz.

I'm certainly not suggesting that Republicans reach out to Joe.  On the contrary, I'm suggesting that the Republicans unite behind whoever their candidate is while the Dems split their vote between Lamont and Lieberman.

jakeho said...

     I don't disagree with you, Joseph, that Lieberman saved Clinton with his speech. However, he intended to call for some sanction on the then Prez: however, he was talked out of it at the last moment. Thus, it seems that Bill & Hill may not have fully forgotten his transgression albeit muted. It certainly would be a plus for the GOP if the Dems would split the vote as you suggested.

piperfromtn said...

Hillary and her hub are the southend of a northbound Donkey.